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Welcome! Here you will find a bunch of whole different stuff. I’ll try to be coherent but I can’t promise anything.

Kids, I work with them, I also have two of my own. I spend my spare time scrolling through Pinterest for activities, making my own resources and planning for weekend and holiday activities at home. I’m passionate about parenting, I am a believer in following a positive parenting path. Some days it can be more challenging than others, especially when we are all living such busy lives but I feel it is so important to connect with our children on a meaningful level. To see and understand them as their own person with their own needs and feelings! I feel like I am still learning how to understand my kids and as soon as I think I’ve got it down to a T they have some sort of physical, emotional or mental breakthrough and it’s back to the drawing board! It what keeps us moving and every day they give me at least a hundred things to smile about.

Food, I like to eat it and I LOVE to cook. I’m vegetarian but the other half and two kiddies are meat eaters so I make a variety of dishes – mostly with a Mediterranean twist (I’m sure I was Italian in a past life…. bruschetta, caprese salad and sunshine are my ultimate faves!) They say, “you are what you eat”, I am passionate about healthy eating, we don’t eat processed foods (Well, not very often anyway) and if my plate isn’t full of colour then seriously, what’s the point??

Life, well that’s just all the fun bits between kids and food.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.